There are three distinct different groups of Harmers in England, one in Norfolk, one in Gloucestershire and one in Sussex, however descendants of these families have migrated to all corners of the United Kingdom and many parts of the world. Currently HFA can find no connection between the Norfolk and Gloucestershire families, but DNA has established that the Sussex family is a quite separate family.


The Sussex Harmers come close to having tenuous royal connections through having links with just about every major noble English family, unfortunately you have to go back to the de Haremeres and then forward through Elizabeth Countess of Shrewsbury, ( Bess of Hardwick). So far, no other “royal” connections have been found.

Harmer Family Association

The Harmer Family Association (HFA) started out in 1978 as a small group of “enthusiastic amateurs” interested in the genealogy and family history of the HARMERS of Sussex.  It is non-profit making, its aims being:-

·        to promote and support research into the history of the Harmer family;

·        to promote unity and fellowship amongst the descendants of the Harmers;

·        to sponsor the publication of a quarterly newsletter;

·        to sponsor the publication of a history of the Harmers.

Since that time the HFA has grown considerably, in terms of membership both in the UK and overseas as well as in scope of research which now embraces the Norfolk and Gloucestershire Harmers and many smaller branches from diverse places.

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