An early record of HARMER in the Midlands is HEREMERUS de la BOLDE mentioned in the Pipe Rolls of 1176 for Staffordshire, there is also a HERMER mentioned in Gloucestershire Domesday Book.    For more information on the origin of the Domesday Book see

Co-ordination of Gloucestershire Harmer material was started in 1989. HFA acquired a tree which had been prepared privately in 1921 for the Gloucestershire family originating in the early 1600s in the village of Randwick from whom the renowned Harmer Philatelist family derive. Members of that family moved to Norfolk and Suffolk in the 1700s and are not to be confused with the Norfolk Harmer family.

In the 18th and 19th centuries many Harmers in this area were connected with the woollen industry, as weavers, dyers etc, other had journalistic tendencies and occupied themselves as newspaper owners and printers, whilst others emigrated to Canada.